18 November 2013

Prünent 2010 rewarded with “Due Bicchieri Rossi” Gambero Rosso

During the first year of DOC, the “Vini d’Italia 2014” magazine, edited by Gambero Rosso reviewers, immediately noticed us and rewarded our 2010 Prünent with “Due Bicchieri Rossi” (Two Red Glasses), award given to finest wines that got through the last competition phase, whose final prize is the legendary “Tre Bicchieri” (Three Glasses). The same wine is also recommended for its price/quality ratio.

The other Ossolan wines judged (Cà d’Mate ’10, Tarlap ’11, Munaloss) all achieved the rating of ”Due Bicchieri Neri” (Two Black Glasses), reserved for wines that range from good to excellent.

It is a great satisfaction for our small winery, and we hope to achieve even better results in the future.

We would like to thank all the Ossolan vine growers that give us high quality grapes with their constant hard work. They deserve a special credit for this achievement.