We here at Garrone have been producing and selling wine for decades now.
We collect the best grapes harvested by around 60 growers, all small producers who belong to the Associazione Produttori Agricoli Ossolani (Farmers’ Association of Ossola) and while we make our wine, we are always mindful of the pleasures that the tasting and drinking of it can provide to the knowledgeable consumer. Our greatest pride and joy is the Prünent grape, a nebbiolo that is traditional to Ossola and which we ferment mainly as a single grape variety. Most vines are ancient and some date back over one hundred years, ungrafted. We have re-launched the tradition of wine making in Ossola, bringing it up to date, dedicating all our energies to reaching the highest possible quality, as evidenced by it being granted Denominazione d’Origine (Designation of Origin) status in 2009. We now invite you to taste the fruits of our passionate labours.


Val d’Ossola is Piemonte Region’s northern most valley; a valley of extraordinary natural beauty carved out of the imposing Alps by the Toce River which with its tributaries creates five lateral valleys all emptying into Lake Maggiore. Because the sandy damp soil of the valley floor is not well suited for agriculture the local population gravitated to the sunny southern slopes of the mountainsides. The mountainous microclimate, however, mitigated by the nearby lake district, creates an ideal wine growing environment with its day and night temperature variance offering a desirably slow maturation of the grapes and enriching the wine with extraordinary aromas. The intensive labor required for wine cultivation coupled with the arrival of industrial processing reduced the development of its full potential and has only been carried forward thanks to the local farmers who continue to produce wine for personal use.

map of vineyards

Ossola's viticulture

For the past twenty years, together with the Ossola Agriculture Producers Association, we have been involved in a project dedicated to assuring that wine growing in the Ossola regains its important role in our valley, an emblem of that age-old bond between man and his land.
Today, more than ever, it is passion alone that spurs a handful of tenacious farmers to take on the extraordinary task of caring for grassy vineyards on impervious mountainous slopes. A centuries – old passion being rediscovered by young farmers is producing fine wines with full respect for the environment largely unchanged by the passage of time.

The vineyards arise on small terraced plots, the majority of which are still grown in the traditional “toppia” or pergola system supported by ancient stone columns. The inaccessibility and the small dimensions of the vineyards require manual labor only. There is no use of chemical soil fertilizers and chemical plant protection is kept to a minimum. Therefore the harvests are not abundant 60 quintals per hectare but the integrity of the plant and the soil is preserved.

wine cellars

To extract the very best from the fruit of the Ossola farmer’s labor our winemaking facility, located in Bisate di Crevoladossola, is equipped with the latest technology available to us. The installation of a 14kW photovoltaic thermal solar plant renders the production energy autonomous. The sun, therefore, not only gives us good wine but also allows our production process to have no negative effect on our mountainous air and environment.
Our pride and joy is Ca’ d’Matè, a house from the 1500’s in Oira di Crevoladossola, whose vaulted wine cellars create optimum conditions of temperature and humidity for the aging of our wine. It is here, in fact, that Prunent, Cà d’Matè and Tarlap are aged in 20 hl French oak casks until they reach the necessary maturation to express not only the perfect organoleptic characteristics but above all those aromas typical of Ossola Valley wines.


We renewed our identity in an attempt to communicate in a new and direct
way our and Ossola grower’s history as an expression of the Ossola
territory. The genesis of the new brand was inspired by the most
characteristic element of viticulture in Ossola: stone (Sarizzo) column
that was hand carved by stonemasons to sustain the chestnut trellis on
which the vineyard grows. The composition of the final symbol derives from
the fusion between the Sarizzo column: ancient element, structural, still
present in many vineyards, a metaphor of sustain and stability of Ossola’s
viticolture and the Goblet: iconic symbol of the wine world that reminds to
the act of pouring and serving. The hollow of the stone column becomes cup,
contributing, thanks to graphical gesture, to re-interpret and enhance a
key element of Ossola’s viticulture.