We are in Oira di Crevoladossola in the northernmost part of Alto Piemonte. Oira is a small village surrounded by green Alps where the sun always shines.
In this area, vine growers mostly cultivate Nebbiolo or rather Prunent, an old clone of Piedmont’s noble grape variety.

Abbiamo rilanciato la tradizione del vino d’Ossola e l’abbiamo declinata al presente, con una dedizione totale alla qualità, suggellata nel 2009 dalla Denominazione d’Origine.
Ora, non resta che degustare il frutto del nostro, appassionato, lavoro.

Our main values are culture, tradition and passion, fundamental principles passed down to the fourth generation of our family. Today we try to obtain the best result from a terroir whose wine production is documented since 1309.

Vineyards are made up of old plants, some of them secular and ungrafted. The mountains’ steep slopes are marked by rock-carved solid terraces and delimited by dry stone walls.

The grapes we use come from our vineyards and from small plots run by a group of vine growers who join the Associazione Produttori Agricoli Ossolani – APAO.

Besides, in 2009 the DOC (controlled designation of origin) Valli Ossolane was established to control the production of three types of wine: Bianco, Rosso and Nebbiolo. The grapes used are Nebbiolo, Croatina, Merlot and Chardonnay.