d’ossola di vino

About Us

We are a family of vine growers and we succeeded to re-launch with far-sightedness and passion both the tradition and history of the wines produced in Ossola Valley. We raised wine again from the crisis that had hit its production in 1990 when farmers – because of phylloxera and other problems – had abandoned the wine-growing and fields to work in factories. We have been keeping the secrets of the wine production of our land since 1920.
Today our company is run by Roberto, Mario, Marco and Matteo Garrone.

Wine and Spirits

We have always cultivated our vineyards with environmentally friendly methods. Our wines hold small pieces of our history that represent a unique land.


The grapevine cultivation in Ossola Valley assumes characteristic shapes that connote the landscape eternally and permanently. In this land, a long history has contributed to the creation of a beautiful and unexpected wine landscape able to give life to elegant and fine wines that herald a long life.

Bed and breakfast

Cà D’Maté is the perfect accommodation for a day or weekend trip around the lands of Ossola Valley as well as a romantic weekend or a family holiday dedicated to rediscovering nature and food and wine.

Wine Shop

This is the place where we want to promote the oenological culture and as a location to find the perfect wine for everyday occasions or special events. Every label is the result of our studies and researches and every wine is a story, a journey and a land.